Many satisfied clients have traveled with me on numerous tours. 

Here are some kind words from valued tour participants: 

"Traveling with you, Karen, always puts a spring in my step, a smile in my heart, and all kinds of exciting dreams and memories in my mind! I do so appreciate your taking us places we could never see on our own! Thanks for another super tour." J. S.

"I have been on several art tours with Karen and each one has been marvelous.  She brings great inspiration and joy and a wealth of knowledge and the sharing of her marvelous art background and acquaintances to these adventures.  They are beautifully planned and carried out and have been a major source of delight in my life.  She is a gift to us all."  B. N.

"You certainly do know how to put a great trip on.   We can hardly wait to see our pictures, which hopefully will be good!   Thank you."  A. R..

"I don't know when I've not enjoyed a trip that you plan - they're always so smooth and relaxed.  You do a great job!"  J. N.

"Thank you again for orchestrating another wonderful trip itinerary - the buildings we saw, along with the people we met, were very enjoyable and encouraging."  T. J. S.

"We want to thank you for a great trip to Philadelphia.  We did so much and saw so many wonderful art works that we are still reminiscing.  The extras that we had not anticipated made it all the more exciting."  E. F.

"There was a great balance between interesting things to see and do, and time on our own.  It was wonderful to be immersed in art and beauty for four days." J. P.

"I appreciated all the details of the trip that you planned for us, and even the people, which you had no control over, seemed to fit together so happily - maybe you made us a 'good group'!" P. S.